Life Enrichment Director

Company Name:
Morning Pointe
Must be able to work flexible hours and weekends.
Primary Purpose:
This position is part of the Morning Pointe Management Team responsible for the creation of resident-focused, high performance, high-commitment work teams that support the Morning Pointe purpose of "partnering with families in meeting the challenges of life". This position is responsible for many activities in the residence and in the surrounding community, while encouraging and maintaining high level customer satisfaction through interaction with residents and resident families.
Duties include, but are not limited to:
Immediate and appropriate response to "customer" comments and requests for action.
Ensure community awareness of residence through design and maintenance of volunteer/outreach plans involving general consumers, appropriate area agencies and other professionals.
Conduct residence tours, handle inquiry calls and assist residence visitors.
Design, development and oversight of creative and exciting activities programming.
Producing monthly activities calendar and appropriate printed support material.
Successful complete the various obligations of the Life Enrichment activities programs within allotted budget.
Train residence staff in support skills pertaining to the Life Enrichment Program.
Meet each new resident within 48 hours and complete an activity assessment to understand their Life Enrichment interests.
Coordinate quarterly special events and other monthly special events as called for. Assist with Family Night each month.
Assisting in the development of Personal Service Plan as related to activities of interest.
Coordinate and implement a vital volunteer program.
Staffing coordination when necessary, assisting with scheduling a minimum of 6 activities per day.
Conducting staff in-service training programs related to activities and volunteerism.
Respond to requests for mailed marketing materials, i.e., newsletters.
Build and utilize appropriate data base and mailing lists.
Ensure family and community awareness of programming through monthly mailings and special events mailings as required.
Submit appropriate information to various media outlets to receive attention/publicity for special events.
Maintain records of resident participation in activities program.
Daily one-on-one contact with each resident.
Discovering and utilizing available sources of education, entertainment and activities for residents.
Assist with the driving functions to external activities/events with residents.
Assist Residence Director in all aspects of residence operations, preparation of reports.
Assist the Executive Director as needed to ensure that the residence is "ready for company".
Provide basic support to all departments of the residence, including dining services, healthcare and resident care.

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