Resident Assistant - PRN

Company Name:
Morning Pointe
Primary Purpose:
This position is part of the Morning Pointe Operations Team, a resident-focused, high performance, high commitment work team that supports the Morning Pointe purpose of "partnering with families in meeting the challenges of life". As a care partner, the resident assistant is responsible for assisting the resident with the activities of daily living. The RA is also responsible for ensuring that quality services is a way of life for Morning Pointe where every associate's interaction with residents and family members reflects the philosophy of Morning Pointe.
Qualifications/Skills Needed:
The successful candidate must hold a High School Diploma or GED. Experience in senior resident services, social work, health care, or customer service is preferred. Strong verbal and written communications skills are essential. Also prefer that the candidate have experience in working with older adults and a knowledge of the aging process. A flexible work schedule is also a necessity.
Duties include, but are not limited to:
Caregiving Duties:
Work with the Resident Services Director and the rest of the operations team to build relationships and strong communication with residents and families to ensure adjustment to Morning Pointe, identification of needs and problems, and the development of an appropriate plan of service for each individual resident.
Provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living to meet the resident's physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs with respect and dignity.
Bathe, dress and undress residents as needed.
Assist with grooming needs such as hair care, mouth care and nail care.
Give foot soaks as directed by schedule.
Transport residents and assist with walking.
Assist with toileting as needed.
Change incontinent briefs and give perennial care.
Change bed linens and make beds.
Assist in recording temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, and food and fluid intake and output, as directed.
Aid in the delivery of specific core programs, such as falls, prevention, exercise, and others as identified, which will provide entertainment, socialization, exercise, relaxation and fulfillment of spiritual needs to all residents.
Share resident success stories and best practices to demonstrate the impact of improved quality of service provided.
Participate in family conferences as needed to discuss the resident's status and review the appropriate service plan, medication regimen.
Report any concerns or changes in resident's physical, intellectual or emotional well-being to the RS Team Leader.
Create and maintain resident records by:
Properly creating Resident Records on move-in
Documenting all medications properly
Using proper notation on RS notes
Maintaining outside provider laboratory reports.
Creating and maintaining all reports including incident and death reports
Completing transfer forms
Providing quarterly report care summaries
Housekeeping and Safety Compliance Duties:
Clean assigned areas following cleaning schedule.
Learn and demonstrate proper cleaning solutions, identify solutions, display knowledge of solution apparatus.
Familiarize self with MSDS booklet and Universal Work Precautions.
Understand proper use of facility equipment.
Housekeeping duties may include, but are not limited to, laundering linens and personal clothing, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the trash, spot cleaning carpets, and changing light bulbs.
Report observations concerning structural and equipment wear, defects, and malfunctions to the supervisor.
May perform or assist with kitchen duties as necessary and requested by supervisor.
Carry out special duties or projects as assigned.
Food Service Duties:
Assist residents with meals; assist with set-up, service and feeding if necessary.
Pass hydration and snacks as scheduled.
May perform or assist with kitchen duties as necessary and requested by supervisor.
Physical Demands:
This position is classified as HEAVY, requiring exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of force frequently and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly to lift/move objects. Functional requirements include constant standing and walking. Frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, stooping, bending, turning, and stretching. Finger and hand dexterity is required. Visual and hearing acuity is essential. The ability to understand and carry out written and oral instructions is necessary, and the ability to perform basic mathematical computations is required.

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